Tom Foolery Box

A box jam-packed with fun. At a predesignated time (we’ll work that out beforehand), a mysterious flight case is carried to the centre of the dancefloor. There it’s left for all to marvel at and speculate about (the contents, at this stage, are only known to us). The word “TOMFOOLERY Keep Out” is on the lid and this always has the exact opposite effect to what the messages say. This sets things up nicely for you guys to finally open the box with much anticipation from all concerned. After a short countdown, the lid is lifted and the fun spills out: between 60 and 100 party props are rammed into the box! Some inflatables are already blown up ready to fly out upon opening, others are ready to be inflated by the guests. These can include everything from inflatable guitars, saxes and mics to glasses, crazy hats and even grass skirts! They’ll have the sort of items that not only have people stitches, but also lead to great photos and, most importantly, interactivity with the music and atmosphere of the party. And, it’s pretty obvious that if there’s a builder’s hat, red Indian headdress, police cap, army cap and a leather biker’s cap in the box, then playing the YMCA is fully justified, and I’ll make sure those characters are centre stage when I do. You can guess which song I’ll play for the people in ginger wigs and tartan hats. All these props are brand new and what’s more, you and your guests to keep them all afterwards!