Booking Iggy is very easy

You just need to follow the five steps detailed below.



First you should check the availability of your date using the 'Availability Checker' below.



If the date is available you can then fill in the enquiry form with your event details (when, where, etc.).



You will then receive a quote by email with log in details to enable access to the 'Client Area' of the website where you can confirm the acceptance of the quote and make the initial payment.



Although not essential it is advisable to arrange a meeting and discuss your requirements before making the booking as there are many ways in which Iggy can personalise his service to you.



Once you've confirmed acceptance of the quote and made the initial payment that date is then secured. You can then arrange another meeting with Iggy prior to the big day whenever you like.




Because he provides such a personalised service it would be impossible to provide an accurate price without finding out a bit more about what you’d like. But, to give you an idea, evening only would be £695 with the all day service starting at £1500.

To get an accurate quote for your wedding call or text Iggy on 07811 33 63 73 or just scroll down to the availability checker below and enter your wedding date.

You can make part payments to suit you at any time using Paypal or Visa via your own client area on this website.

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Personal Money-Back Guarantee

Many businesses say they offer ‘value for money’. Almost none of them actually explain what that means and then back it up with a promise. Iggy does:


“If you’re unhappy with any aspect of my service please let me know as soon as possible during the event and I will do my very best to put it right at once. If at the end of the event (or within the next 5 days), you feel that I haven’t delivered the level of service you expected just let me know why, and how I could’ve improved, and I will refund you as much money as you think is appropriate. Simple as that.”
Iggy Davis