Are you looking for something a bit different?

Having been trained and mentored by some of the best wedding DJs in the industry you will be getting something extra special. It’s all about what you want; having a fun day and finding ways to bring your favourite people together emotionally.

Iggy will offer his expertise and guidance during the planning and take the hard work out of the preparations.

He knows how to make your wedding stand out from the norm and he always aims to make it the best wedding your guests have ever attended. Maybe the timeline below will spark your creativity.

The Ceremony

  • The Ceremony Music

    The Ceremony Music

    Wherever your ceremony is, be it in a church or the middle of a field, Iggy can bring along a discrete and compact yet powerful battery powered PA. This will be a vast improvement on a CD player or iPod dock, especially if your ceremony is outside. You choose the songs you’d like, and Iggy will be on hand to cue the music at just the right time as well as make sure everyone can hear perfectly. No copying files onto an iPod or burning CD’s the night before. No need to rely on someone who’s never done this before, using equipment they’ve never used before.
  • Guests Arrive

    Guests Arrive

    I suggest that the groom choose these songs. Anything that will help him feel at ease as he awaits your arrival.

  • Arrival of the Bride

    Arrival of the Bride

    As soon as you arrive Iggy will play the song chosen especially by the groom, just for you.

  • Processional


    This is the piece of music you’ll walk down the aisle to. You’ll want this to be cued and played at exactly the right moment. This may need to be custom edited beforehand in order to get the timing just right. It’ll take you about 30-45 seconds to walk down the aisle, usually you don’t want the first 30 seconds of a song, you want the right 30 seconds to make maximum impact. Iggy can get the timing spot on and even run through this during a meeting.

  • The Vows

    The Vows

    The groom and registrar could use discrete lapel mic’s to pick up every word, every whisper and play it out through the PA. And, because everyone will be able to hear you clearly, it means everyone will feel more emotionally involved.

  • Signing The Register

    Signing The Register

    This takes longer than you might imagine. You can choose three or four songs to play for the signing of the register.

  • Speeches


    A microphone and stand can be available for anyone wishing to do a speech or poetry recital at this point.

  • Recessional


    The crescendo and often the fun part, be as humorous and creative as you like with your music choice here!

The Drinks Reception

  • The Drinks Reception Music
    Crystal clear sound set at a volume that allows you and your guests to chat comfortably. Anything from classical to modern. You can choose as many individual tracks as you like or just specify the style or genre and Iggy will put together a playlist for you.

The Wedding Breakfast

  • The Grand Entrance

    The Grand Entrance

    Maybe you’re looking for something a bit different. You want more than the traditional obligatory announcement. Iggy can make your entrance grand and create a highlight of the day which people will be talking about for a long time afterwards. By getting to know you beforehand, Iggy will do a personalised introduction – something which is going to get your guests up cheering, rather than joining in the usual ripple of applause.

  • Speeches


    Understandably, this can be a bit daunting sometimes. Iggy will ease the tension by announcing the speeches and introducing each speaker to the room. He has lots of advice for those with first-time speech nerves and using a good quality, hand-held mic will ensure everyone can hear what’s being said and so keep everyone’s attention.

  • Background Music

    Background Music

    Rather than the clinking of cutlery on plates, why not have Iggy play some background music during the meal. All of your eclectic music choices can be input into the client area of the website at any time, day or night, whenever you think of another track you’d like to hear.

  • Interaction


    You can personalise your day, and Iggy can make your guests feel involved in many different ways. You choose what happens – don’t worry no inane chatter, just a bit of fun, laughter and maybe a few happy tears.

  • Cake Cutting

    Cake Cutting

    An often overlooked and rushed part of the wedding day. You should ask Iggy about his ideas for making the cake cutting a bit more fun and the ways you can involve your guests.

The Evening Reception

  • Love Story Introduction

    Love Story Introduction

    Every couple has their own unique story. How they met, the first date, the proposal. Not all your guests will know these details about you. Iggy will spend time beforehand to learn your story. He’ll weave these magical moments to create your love story and share it with your guests just before you take your first dance. When this happens, it’ll connect everyone to the moment and often remind them of their own love stories. Just imagine the difference that will make to the energy in the room.

  • The First Dance

    The First Dance

    This is another opportunity for you to personalise your day. How about confetti canons, indoor fireworks or ‘dancing on clouds’? If you’d like to surprise your guests, Iggy can even recommend a choreographer. Or, perhaps you’d rather your first dance be a more bit low-key. No problem, he’ll invite everyone to join you very quickly, it’s a great way to get a dance floor packed. If you’ve heard a song you like, but you don’t like a verse or some of the lyrics Iggy can seamlessly edit the track. Maybe you’ve heard two (or more!) songs and can’t decide, then just ask Iggy to stitch and blend them together and send you the new track so you can practice your dance at home.

  • Evening Music

    Evening Music

    Of course, you want everyone dancing all night. If they’ve already had a great time during the afternoon that’s more likely to happen. Another thing that obviously helps is knowing what your guests like to dance to. As well as using the client area of the website to input your songs to a personal playlist, you can build the excitement before the day by inviting your guests to add their choices to your list too. There’s also a ‘don’t play’ list, and you can always delete auntie Beryl’s dodgy requests.

  • End of The Night

    End of The Night

    What better way to finish than surrounded by all your best friends, family and loved ones? Iggy likes to end the night on a high, and he’ll encourage everyone to get involved in a grand finale finish on the dance floor!


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